R & D

Sonomax Industrial Research Chair 

As a leader in hearing protection, Sonomax is committed to advancing the science of hearing health, and does so with the support of the Sonomax Industrial Research Chair, in collaboration with the Université du Québec’s École de technologie supérieure (ETS). Leading the collaboration is Sonomax’s former Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Jérémie Voix, who is now a professor and researcher at the ETS. Dr. Voix oversees a team of researchers and collaborators who often draw on the input of undergraduates and masters students in electrical and mechanical engineering. These collaborative activities are the latest in a series of research relationships that ETS and Sonomax have maintained for over 10 years which have reaped plentiful rewards for both organizations.

Recognized worldwide for its top-level applied research, ETS seeks to promote and highlight the economic development of Québec companies, notably through long-term partnerships thanks to its scientists and world-class equipment. This partnership with Sonomax therefore represents a priority for the institution.